What are former campers saying about Tech Trek?

  • “My camp experience made myself a lot more confident about pursuing a STEM career, and it made me realize that there are a lot of other girls out there who are interested in STEM careers too. It made me more confident that I could get a career in STEM.”


  • “I had an amazing experience at Tech Trek! I learned so incredibly much about myself, others, STEM, and so much more. If I could come back to Tech Trek, I totally would. I am actually starting to wish that it was a little bit longer of a camp. The staff was amazing and supported me every step of the way. Thank you for this amazing experience, it helped me face my fears and learn so much!”


  • “I loved every moment of being at Tech Trek. I also enjoyed making new friends and interacting with adults at Professional Night. Thank you so much for this experience. I loved being here and learning new things.”


  • “I had a great time at Tech Trek. I have learned many things such as how to code and create apps, I have learned about how asking the right questions and acting professional is a good way for many people to take you serious, and that squids have similar eyesight as humans. I have also learned that not just men can be scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and any jobs in the STEM careers, women can do them just as well.”